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  • About EU SPC


    Edholm Uilenius' Series

    EU SPC Baby Carrier is a designers’ series by the renowned Edholm and Uilenius, the renowned graphic designers & illustrators often engaged by UNICEF, Paul Smith, Absolut Vodka, Ikea, and other international brands. Not only it comes with irresistibly beautiful design, it is also very comfortable because the material is very soft.

    Scandinavian Pattern Collection

    Scandinavian Pattern Collection (SPC) is the premium collection series of Lucky Industry Co Ltd, A great combination of quality and design. EUSPC is also known as SPC Shoul Raku in Japan.

  • Our Team

    Behind EU SPC

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    Edholm Ullenius


    Edholm Ullenius is a Stockholm based studio of graphic design & illustration, operating world wide. The firm was founded by Sissi Edholm and Lisa Ullenius in 2002. Edholm Ullenius approach every comission as a team and consider the result as pure communication with lust and surprise. No project nor client is ”typical” of Edholm Ullenius. But the design is. During the years their work has appeared with a range of clients, from Ikea to Paul Smith.

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    Lucky Industry Co Ltd


    Lucky Industry Co Ltd. was founded in the year of 1934 and it is the oldest & most trusted baby carrier manufacturer in Japan.


    Throughout the years, the advance technology, continuous improvement and product testing and research of LUCKY products have been recognized worldwide.

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    Unison CA Marketing


    Unison CA is the exclusive distributor in Malaysia of Lucky Industry Co Ltd.


    Unison CA source thoughtfully crafted products for active parents who want the time and freedom to create a real and caring bond with their child, while living life to the fullest.

  • EU SPC Baby Carrier

  • Features

    Highest quality baby carrier that sewn one by one carefully

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    The thick shoulder pads disperse the baby's weight over the parent's shoulders and throughout their waist. Holding a baby with "shoulders and waist" properly will allow the parent to be comfortable regardless of the carrying time. 

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    To fit the wearer body type, we used a soft urethane. Also, since there is a firm width, it can comfortably distribute the weight even if the baby becomes larger.


    Additional layer of protection is designed to enhance the safety.

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    It will gently support the baby's head in beddy-bye. It can be adjusted in three stages to fit tightly. It helps support baby’s head when he/she is sleeping. The length of the head-support hood’s strap is adjustable.

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    It attached with safety belts anchoring the baby in the baby carrier. The safety support not only prevents baby from falling out of the carrier. it also improve the convenient to confidently piggyback carry your baby.

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    The rain cape will protect your baby from rain and wind.


    It can also be easily attached to the loop of the shoulder belt.

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    It is very useful compartment for you to keep your items such as keys, mobile phone, notes or even baby shoes.

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    Suitable for all weather, quick change to mesh. For use in different climate / temperature. When not in use, the cloth can be stored in the waist pocket. 

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    PREMIUM Material

    EU SPC is made by 100% cotton from Japan. It is comfortable for both adult and baby.

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    Recommended by IHDI

    The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges EUSPC as a "hip-healthy" products

  • Quality and Safety

    The safety of your baby is most important. We focus on the raw material, accessories, inspection, and safety system to provide you with a well-designed and manufactured product.


    Babies are very delicate and may have extremely sensitive skin. We take quality control very seriously. Each inspection is done by a third party for each production, focusing on color fastness, tear strength, formalin, etc. Recently, Formalin has been restricted widely due to the risks and side effects it has been known to cause. Lucky Industry takes measure to avoid these risks: Inspections in each step - fabric, material, factory, warehouse, and office.


    The buckle is the most important accessory to hold the baby in the carrier safely. Lucky Industry uses the most reliable, safe, and efficient buckle in the baby carrier industry, the YKK. YKK's standards are the strictest in environmental testing. When developing the new buckle, they spent almost a year studying the accessory and inspecting its performance.


    EU SPC soft structure carrier are sewn by experts who have been sewing baby carriers for more than 10 years. Of course, it is made in Japan.


    Lucky Industry Co Ltd seriously controls quality from purchasing the material stage. They also inspect at the sewing stage and product test in the sewing factory, and finally another inspection at independent inspection factory.

    SG Certified

    It is accredited and certified by the SG (Japan Consumer Product Safety Association), which is to be the most stringent in the world.

    EN Standard

    It also complied with European Standard BS EN 13209-2 : 2005

  • Colors

    Which is your favorite colors?

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    EU SPC Soft Structure Carrier

    Ivory x Woodland Beige

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    EU SPC Soft Structure Carrier

    Beige x Woodland Beige

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    EU SPC Soft Structure Carrier

    Black x Woodland Beige

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    EU SPC Soft Structure Carrier

    Purple x Woodland Navy

  • Recommended Age

    From newborn / 10 days old (infant insert is required) up to a weight of 15kg.

    Face to face:

    A child who can hold his/her head up unsupported. Approximately 4 months old (6kg) - 36months old (15kg)

    Piggy back:

    A child who can hold his/her head up unsupported. Approximately 4 months old (6kg) - 36months old (15kg)

  • Accessories

    (Optional item)

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    Buddy Buddy Infant Insert


    100% Cotton

    Infant insert is required for newborn up to around 4 months old (when the child can lift his/her head up unsupported).

    Infant insert is NOT include in EU SPC and sold seperately. Please contact us if you interested to order infant insert.

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    SPC Teething Pad


    Mille-feuille de coton

    "Mille-feuille de coton" consists of 6 layers of fabric. It also named as 6 layer gauge. Each layer has

    different thicknesses of yarn and density. Together they create maximum softness and comfort. It also

    can disperses any sweat to dry quickly compare to any other fabric.

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